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We are a collective that aims to support intersectional revolution: radical change in all societal structures that arises from all oppressed peoples and liberates us from all interlocking systems of oppression – including (listed alphabetically) ableism, ageism, cisgenderism, capitalism/classism, colonialism/imperialism, heterosexism, male supremacy/patriarchy/sexism, sizeism, and white supremacy/anti-Blackness/racism.


Oppression includes all forms of unjust treatment and domination of groups of people, such as all types of discrimination, stigma, marginalization, exploitation, and inequality. Systems of oppression have existed for centuries, are deeply ingrained in our societies, and cause incredible harm and destruction to the vast majority of people and the planet. We need intersectional revolution to build more just, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable societies that support wellness and thriving for all.


Intersectionality is a theory, framework, or lens developed by Black feminists as well as Chicana, Indigenous, international, and LGBTQ+ radical activists (see our Resources page). Intersectional activists have long been leading social movements, and increasingly so. We believe intersectionality is critical because it helps build coalitions and solidarity across activists/organizations and oppressed communities in order to consolidate our power and achieve revolution. Intersectionality helps us understand the world better, reduce the harm we do to others, and build movements that support the liberation of all oppressed communities.


We work to collect and share resources to promote intersectional consciousness and activism. We aim to support us all continually learning more about interlocking systems of oppression, how we ourselves internalize and participate in oppression, and how we can act to support intersectional revolution. Specifically, we are working on the following resources:


Members of Intersectional Revolution Collective: Priscilla Aviles, Nicole Overstreet, Lisa Rosenthal, & other anonymous individuals

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