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We advocate for boycott/divestment as a specific strategy to foster intersectional revolution. Boycott/divestment is an important approach we can use to redistribute resources to oppressed communities and away from corporations and billionaires that oppress us all and destroy the planet. With an intersectional alliance across communities and movements for boycott/divestment of companies/corporations that participate in all forms of oppression and environmental destruction, the impact of this strategy can be great.


It is important to acknowledge that we all vary in the amount of resources that we have access to, so it is easier for some of us than others to choose where we do and do not spend our money. But, we all have some ability to make more informed choices about our spending that can support intersectional revolution.


We are working to compile lists to share of:

  • companies/corporations to boycott/divest from, with information about their participation in any forms of oppression and environmental destruction

  • alternatives for buying and trading that support oppressed communities and the planet.

If you have any suggestions for these lists, please share them here with any available sources/information:

Thank you!

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